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Originally from Laguna Beach, California, Morgan Greenough is the chaos coordinator of the Leverage Lending Group team. As a loan coordinator-player-teammate, Morgan works internally and externally to clear the path for her clients during the loan process. Morgan excels in finding unique solutions to meet the mandate of every client and has a keen eye for efficiency. Morganmajored in Early Childhood Education and Development and worked at a private school as an early education teacher before moving to Charlotte. In 2019, Morgan transitioned her career to the mortgage industry, using her teaching skills to implement better processes and sharpen the loan process within her team. In early 2020, she joined the Leverage Lending Group family as a Loan Coordinator and rest is history. With her remarkable attention to detail, rock-solid communication, and nonstop energy, (plus the patience and organization you'll only find in a former educator), Morgan is an essential part of the LLG team, collaborating with every team member to make the loan processes transparent, transformative and smooth.

Morgan Greenough

Loan Coordinator | NMLS# 40030

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